Volume 116,Issue 3,2003 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Effects of interleukin-18 on asthmatic airway inflammation and nuclear fa ctor kappa-B in murine models
  2003,116(3):323-327 [Abstract(6239)]  [View PDF 311.86 K (3448)]
The pathogenesis of Chlamydia pneumoniae-type pneumonitis in mice
  2003,116(3):328-332 [Abstract(7372)]  [View PDF 280.78 K (3361)]
In vivo adaptive response of the peripheral conduit artery in patients with borderline systolic hypertension
  2003,116(3):333-336 [Abstract(5955)]  [View PDF 149.99 K (3164)]
Variation and significance of microtubules in rat volume overload cardiac hypertrophy
  2003,116(3):337-340 [Abstract(6633)]  [View PDF 204.09 K (3468)]
Electro-anatomic mapping of the right atrium: anatomic abnormality is an important substrate
  2003,116(3):341-345 [Abstract(5506)]  [View PDF 229.27 K (3547)]
Determination of serum fibrosis indexes in patients with chronic hepatitis and its significance
  2003,116(3):346-349 [Abstract(6128)]  [View PDF 184.55 K (3702)]
Transfection, overexpression and clinical application of human 60 kDa Ro/SSA autoantigens in HEp-2 cells
  2003,116(3):350-353 [Abstract(6935)]  [View PDF 319.16 K (3639)]
Rhein inhibits transforming growth factor β1 induced plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in endothelial cells
  2003,116(3):354-359 [Abstract(6222)]  [View PDF 279.11 K (3261)]
Regional citrate anticoagulation in critically ill patients during continuous blood purification
  2003,116(3):360-363 [Abstract(7614)]  [View PDF 173.92 K (4321)]
Estrogen receptor gene polymorphisms and bone mineral density in Chinese postmenopausal women
  2003,116(3):364-367 [Abstract(7908)]  [View PDF 181.95 K (3917)]
CT perfusion imaging and CT subtraction angiography in the diagnosis of ischemic cerebrovascular disease within 24 hours
  2003,116(3):368-372 [Abstract(7245)]  [View PDF 240.73 K (4422)]
Effects of combined octreotide and aspirin on the growth of gastric cancer
  2003,116(3):373-377 [Abstract(7246)]  [View PDF 250.82 K (3485)]
Suppressive effect of herbal compound 861 on chemical hepatocarcinogenesis in rats
  2003,116(3):378-382 [Abstract(6373)]  [View PDF 245.79 K (3462)]
Role of phosphatase PTEN in the activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinases induced by estradiol in endometrial carcinoma cells
  2003,116(3):383-387 [Abstract(7436)]  [View PDF 232.36 K (3959)]
Effect of progesterone combined with chemotherapy on epithelial ovarian cancer
  2003,116(3):388-391 [Abstract(6237)]  [View PDF 188.79 K (3520)]
Effects of Dexamethasone on glucocorticoid receptor expression in a human ovarian carcinoma cell line 3AO
  2003,116(3):392-395 [Abstract(7613)]  [View PDF 184.96 K (3771)]
A risk of malignancy index in preoperative diagnosis of ovarian cancer
  2003,116(3):396-399 [Abstract(8037)]  [View PDF 169.57 K (5667)]
Quantitative study of MR T1 and T2 relaxation times and 1HMRS in gray matter of normal adult brain
  2003,116(3):400-404 [Abstract(12680)]  [View PDF 234.72 K (6944)]
The role of vasoactive substances in hyperhemodynamics after orthotopic liver transplantation in cirrhotic rats
  2003,116(3):405-409 [Abstract(7282)]  [View PDF 223.20 K (3411)]
Neurotization of oculomotor,trochlear and abducent nerves in skull base surgery
  2003,116(3):410-413 [Abstract(6340)]  [View PDF 193.50 K (3392)]
Combined therapy of methylprednisolone and brain-derived neurotrophic factor promotes axonal regeneration and functional recovery after spinal cord injury in rats
  2003,116(3):414-418 [Abstract(7311)]  [View PDF 222.18 K (3747)]
Preparation of collagen-based materials for wound dressing
  2003,116(3):419-423 [Abstract(8470)]  [View PDF 250.45 K (5686)]
Pathological observation of brain arteries and spontaneous aneurysms in hypertensive rats
  2003,116(3):424-427 [Abstract(7231)]  [View PDF 208.84 K (3588)]
Differentiation of rat embryonic neural stem cells promoted by co-cultured Schwann cells
  2003,116(3):428-431 [Abstract(6660)]  [View PDF 190.72 K (3954)]
Anti-CD25 monoclonal antibody modulates cytokine expression and prolongs allografts survival in rats cardiac transplantation
  2003,116(3):432-435 [Abstract(8808)]  [View PDF 191.00 K (4123)]
Graft patency in off-pump and conventional coronary artery bypass grafting for treatment of triple vessel coronary disease
  2003,116(3):436-439 [Abstract(6024)]  [View PDF 160.76 K (3812)]
Prophylactic effect of Ca2+- deficient artificial perilymph perfusion on noise-induced hearing loss
  2003,116(3):440-443 [Abstract(4994)]  [View PDF 240.16 K (3028)]
Optical coherence tomography’s diagnostic value in evaluating surgical impact on idiopathic macular hole
  2003,116(3):444-447 [Abstract(8100)]  [View PDF 248.64 K (4400)]
Identification of genes with consistent expression alteration pattern in ACC-2 and ACC-M cells by cDNA array
  2003,116(3):448-452 [Abstract(7143)]  [View PDF 201.20 K (3523)]

Review Article

Omega-3 fatty acids and non-communicable diseases
  2003,116(3):453-458 [Abstract(9773)]  [View PDF 255.59 K (6506)]

Brief Report

Effects of leukotriene receptor antagonist on chronic obstractive pulmonary disease induced pulmonary hypertension
  2003,116(3):459-461 [Abstract(5697)]  [View PDF 146.66 K (3222)]
The role of CTLA4- Ig in a mouse model against allergic asthma
  2003,116(3):462-464 [Abstract(6310)]  [View PDF 147.48 K (3439)]

Short Communication

Primary culture and identification of sinoatrial node cells from newborn rat
  2003,116(3):465-468 [Abstract(9250)]  [View PDF 195.80 K (3601)]

Brief Report

Clinical significance of serum cardiac troponin T in patients with congestive heart failure
  2003,116(3):469-471 [Abstract(7327)]  [View PDF 146.17 K (3897)]
Effects of vitamin E on the proliferation and collagen synthesis of rat hepatic stellate cells treated with IL-2 or TNF-α
  2003,116(3):472-474 [Abstract(7472)]  [View PDF 144.99 K (4236)]
Coagulation and fibrinolytic activity in patients with acute cerebral infarction
  2003,116(3):475-477 [Abstract(5640)]  [View PDF 129.51 K (3460)]
The potential role of IGF-I receptor mRNA in rats with diabetic retinopathy
  2003,116(3):478-480 [Abstract(6466)]  [View PDF 155.50 K (3022)]