Volume 116,Issue 2,2003 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Myoepithelial carcinoma of the salivary glands: behavior and management
  2003,116(2):163-165 [Abstract(8487)]  [View PDF 93.31 K (5791)]
Cloning the full-length cDNA of a gene responsible for vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in atherogenesis and study of function
  2003,116(2):166-170 [Abstract(5343)]  [View PDF 229.95 K (3146)]
Management of enterocutaneous fistulas: 30-year clinical experience
  2003,116(2):171-175 [Abstract(11446)]  [View PDF 152.16 K (8735)]
Mapping cortical areas associated with Chinese word processing using functional magnetic resonance imaging
  2003,116(2):176-180 [Abstract(7466)]  [View PDF 405.06 K (3911)]
Validation of diagnostic algorithms for syndromic management of sexually transmitted diseases
  2003,116(2):181-186 [Abstract(7828)]  [View PDF 209.69 K (4765)]
Prognosis of primary liver carcinoma treated with local resection
  2003,116(2):187-190 [Abstract(6770)]  [View PDF 134.77 K (3497)]
Use of PCR and PCR-SSP for detection of urinary donor-origin DNA in renal transplant recipients with acute rejection
  2003,116(2):191-194 [Abstract(8161)]  [View PDF 143.55 K (3937)]
Hypertensive intracranial hematomas: endoscopic-assisted keyhole evacuation a nd application of patent viewing dissector
  2003,116(2):195-199 [Abstract(6531)]  [View PDF 201.85 K (3806)]
Colorectal cancer screening for the natural population of Beijing with sequential fecal occult blood test: a multicenter study
  2003,116(2):200-202 [Abstract(7833)]  [View PDF 102.30 K (4303)]
Effect of preoperative transcatheter arterial chemoembolization on apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells
  2003,116(2):203-207 [Abstract(5835)]  [View PDF 183.47 K (3367)]
Clinical features and anesthetic management of multiple endocrine neoplasia associated with pheochromocytoma
  2003,116(2):208-211 [Abstract(8363)]  [View PDF 136.86 K (4914)]
Use of power Doppler sonography for differential diagnosis of small hepatocellular carcinoma and adenomatous hyperplastic nodule
  2003,116(2):212-214 [Abstract(6746)]  [View PDF 147.95 K (3414)]
Effect of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein gene polymorphism in the promoter region on dyslipidemia in type 2 diabetic subjects
  2003,116(2):218-221 [Abstract(6811)]  [View PDF 184.43 K (3340)]
Expression and significance of IL-18 in the bone marrow of patients with hematological diseases
  2003,116(2):222-225 [Abstract(4940)]  [View PDF 159.34 K (2927)]
Treatment of 522 patients with Nevus of Ota with Q-switc hed Alexandrite laser
  2003,116(2):226-230 [Abstract(7341)]  [View PDF 215.21 K (4199)]
Clinical, cytogenetic and dual-color FISH studies on five cases of myelodysplastic syndrome or acute myeloid leukemia patients with 1;7 translocation
  2003,116(2):231-234 [Abstract(7836)]  [View PDF 160.86 K (3599)]
Thermal injuries induce gene expression of endogenous c-fos, c-myc and bFGF in burned tissues
  2003,116(2):235-238 [Abstract(6084)]  [View PDF 156.03 K (3253)]
Characterization of Sporothrix schenckii by random amplification of polymorphic DNA assay
  2003,116(2):239-242 [Abstract(5762)]  [View PDF 169.75 K (3238)]
Local tissue hypoxia and formation of nasal polyps
  2003,116(2):243-247 [Abstract(5991)]  [View PDF 235.54 K (3623)]
Therapeutic effect of AdCMVCD/5-FC system and metabolism of 5-FC in the trea tment of human tongue squamous cell carcinoma
  2003,116(2):248-252 [Abstract(7010)]  [View PDF 214.75 K (3506)]
Ischemic preconditioning in immature hearts: mechanism and compatibility with cardioplegia
  2003,116(2):253-257 [Abstract(6515)]  [View PDF 191.00 K (3146)]
Nitric oxide opens second window of protection in ischemic preconditioning via induction of heat-shock protein 72
  2003,116(2):258-262 [Abstract(7044)]  [View PDF 182.69 K (3336)]
Relationship between coronary arterial remodeling and clinical presentation
  2003,116(2):263-266 [Abstract(5944)]  [View PDF 125.13 K (3558)]
Labeling embryonic stem cells with enhanced green fluorescent protein on the hypoxanthineguanine phosphoribosyl transferase locus
  2003,116(2):267-272 [Abstract(7722)]  [View PDF 224.68 K (4284)]
Role of adhesion molecules in mobilization of hematopoietic cells
  2003,116(2):273-277 [Abstract(6700)]  [View PDF 173.03 K (3704)]
Cardiac conductive system excitation maps using intracardiac tissue Doppler imaging
  2003,116(2):278-283 [Abstract(8194)]  [View PDF 251.28 K (5064)]
Effects of oral administration of type Ⅱ collagen on adjuvant arthritis in rats and its mechanisms
  2003,116(2):284-287 [Abstract(6860)]  [View PDF 168.49 K (3690)]
Effects of propofol, midazolam and thiopental sodium on outcome and amino acids accumulation in focal cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in rats
  2003,116(2):292-296 [Abstract(9212)]  [View PDF 420.91 K (4244)]
Synthesis of Toll-like receptor 4 in Kupffer cells and its role in alcohol-induced liver disease
  2003,116(2):297-300 [Abstract(6121)]  [View PDF 168.89 K (3749)]
The influence of insulin on secretion of IGF-Ⅰ and IGFBP-Ⅰ in cultures of human endometrial stromal cells
  2003,116(2):301-304 [Abstract(6354)]  [View PDF 140.86 K (3155)]
Relapse risk assessment of transplantation for patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia
  2003,116(2):305-308 [Abstract(5903)]  [View PDF 151.35 K (3238)]

Brief Report

Tibetan patients with essential hypertension caused by underlying oxidative meta bolism dysfunction and depressed nitric oxide synthesis
  2003,116(2):309-311 [Abstract(7029)]  [View PDF 106.60 K (3460)]
An Ile93Met substitution in the UCH-L1 gene is not a disease-causing mutation for idiopathic Parkinson’s disease
  2003,116(2):312-313 [Abstract(5669)]  [View PDF 84.49 K (2819)]
Role of HLA-DR and CD1a molecules in pathogenesis of hypertrophic scarring and keloids
  2003,116(2):314-315 [Abstract(6591)]  [View PDF 79.06 K (3351)]

Case Report

Idiopathic hepatic arterial malformation: a case report
  2003,116(2):316-317 [Abstract(5490)]  [View PDF 79.68 K (3214)]
Hepatic angiosarcoma: CT findings
  2003,116(2):318-320 [Abstract(7326)]  [View PDF 109.13 K (4745)]