Volume 116,Issue 12,2003 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Long-term effects of imidapril on calcium and potassium currents in rabbit left ventricular hypertrophic myocytes
  2003,116(12):1795-1798 [Abstract(6512)]  [View PDF 217.41 K (3489)]
Changes in delayed rectifier K+ channel function and its regulation by protein kinase C pathway in bronchial myocytes from asthmatic rats
  2003,116(12):1799-1803 [Abstract(6412)]  [View PDF 253.75 K (3543)]
Carbon monoxide inhibits proliferation of pulmonary smooth muscle cells under hypoxia
  2003,116(12):1804-1809 [Abstract(6612)]  [View PDF 283.63 K (3811)]
Impact of acute vivax malaria on the immune system and viral load of HIV-positive subjects
  2003,116(12):1810-1820 [Abstract(8194)]  [View PDF 528.84 K (4636)]
Accuracy of three diagnostic tests used alone and in combination for detecting Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with bleeding gastric ulcers
  2003,116(12):1821-1826 [Abstract(7727)]  [View PDF 292.97 K (4202)]
Cyclosporine A in treatment of membranous lupus nephropathy
  2003,116(12):1827-1830 [Abstract(6810)]  [View PDF 195.82 K (4933)]
Adriamycin increases podocyte permeability: evidence and molecular mechanism
  2003,116(12):1831-1835 [Abstract(7887)]  [View PDF 258.89 K (4220)]
PET imaging of brain function while puncturing the acupoint ST36
  2003,116(12):1836-1839 [Abstract(9017)]  [View PDF 194.41 K (5244)]
Aortic arch and intra-/extracranial cerebral arterial atherosclerosis in patients suffering acute ischemic strokes
  2003,116(12):1840-1844 [Abstract(7627)]  [View PDF 227.90 K (4196)]
Clinical and experimental pathology of Moyamoya disease
  2003,116(12):1845-1849 [Abstract(7198)]  [View PDF 252.20 K (4289)]
Relationship between expression of somatostatin receptors subtype 2 mRNA and estrogen and progesterone receptors in breast cancer
  2003,116(12):1850-1853 [Abstract(7004)]  [View PDF 190.42 K (3452)]
4-1BB gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from orthotopic liver transplant recipients with graft acceptance
  2003,116(12):1854-1859 [Abstract(6217)]  [View PDF 316.89 K (3350)]
Bladder cancer therapy using combined proliferating cell nuclear antigen antisense oligonucleotides and recombinant adenovirus p53
  2003,116(12):1860-1863 [Abstract(6831)]  [View PDF 201.37 K (3683)]
Effects of acupoints TENS on heat pain threshold in normal subjects
  2003,116(12):1864-1868 [Abstract(7905)]  [View PDF 235.60 K (5240)]
Experimental inhibition of corneal neovascularization by endostatin gene transfection in vivo
  2003,116(12):1869-1874 [Abstract(7476)]  [View PDF 306.42 K (3970)]
The association analysis of FcεRⅠβ with allergic asthma in a Chinese population
  2003,116(12):1875-1878 [Abstract(8027)]  [View PDF 231.09 K (4082)]
Characterization and evaluation of a novel anti-MUC-1 monoclonal antibody: induction of the idiotypic network in experimental mice
  2003,116(12):1879-1884 [Abstract(6282)]  [View PDF 280.66 K (3534)]
Alterations of β-catenin and Tcf-4 instead of GSK-3β contribute to activation of Wnt pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma
  2003,116(12):1885-1892 [Abstract(8394)]  [View PDF 454.77 K (5162)]
Hepatic differentiation from embryonic stem cells in vitro
  2003,116(12):1893-1897 [Abstract(9751)]  [View PDF 454.77 K (6553)]
Inhibitory effects of recombinant neurotoxin BmK IM on seizures induced by pentylenetetrazol in Rats
  2003,116(12):1898-1903 [Abstract(7594)]  [View PDF 304.56 K (3757)]
Detection of specific IgE antibodies to major and minor antigenic determinants in sera of penicillin allergic patients
  2003,116(12):1904-1910 [Abstract(7310)]  [View PDF 324.83 K (4204)]
Effects of nimodipine and fructose-1,6-diphosphate on cerebral damage in carbon monoxide poisoning mice
  2003,116(12):1911-1915 [Abstract(6959)]  [View PDF 270.57 K (4238)]
The expression of insulin-like growth factor-Ⅰ mRNA and polypeptide in rat osteoblasts with exposure to parathyroid hormone
  2003,116(12):1916-1922 [Abstract(7703)]  [View PDF 362.56 K (3573)]
Sensitivity and specificity of different staining methods to monitor apoptosis induced by oxidative stress in adherent cells
  2003,116(12):1923-1929 [Abstract(10902)]  [View PDF 322.14 K (7501)]

Brief Report

Treatment of symptomatic epilepsy with lesionectomies combined with bipolar coagulation of the surrounding cortex
  2003,116(12):1930-1932 [Abstract(6339)]  [View PDF 134.55 K (2952)]
Association between fasting and postprandial triglyceride levels and carotid intima-media thickness in type 2 diabetes patients
  2003,116(12):1933-1935 [Abstract(7067)]  [View PDF 144.25 K (4216)]
Expression of hypoxia-inducible factor 1α in human normal, benign, and malignant prostate tissue
  2003,116(12):1936-1939 [Abstract(7929)]  [View PDF 231.13 K (4252)]
Study of the relationship between the onset of peptic ulcers and meteorological factors
  2003,116(12):1940-1942 [Abstract(5975)]  [View PDF 137.34 K (3003)]
Orthotopic ileal neobladder similar to original bladder
  2003,116(12):1943-1945 [Abstract(6877)]  [View PDF 158.59 K (3919)]
Comprehensive treatment of complicated plantar ulcers in leprosy
  2003,116(12):1946-1948 [Abstract(6897)]  [View PDF 143.20 K (3831)]

Case Report

Artificial trachea reconstruction with two-stage approach using memory-alloy mesh
  2003,116(12):1949-1951 [Abstract(6530)]  [View PDF 120.46 K (3777)]
Pearson’s syndrome: a rare cause of non-immune hydrops fetalis
  2003,116(12):1952-1954 [Abstract(7408)]  [View PDF 121.27 K (4775)]
A rare association of rectal and genitourinary duplication and anorectal malformation
  2003,116(12):1955-1957 [Abstract(7035)]  [View PDF 127.53 K (5331)]


Inaugurating Department of Health Economics & Management at Peking University
  2003,116(12):1958 [Abstract(5205)]  [View PDF]