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Original Article

Complications of percutaneous transluminal septal myocardial ablation in hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy
  2002,115(9):1283-1286 [Abstract(7627)]  [View PDF 140.51 K (3894)]
Apoptosis, myocardial fibrosis and angiotensin Ⅱ in the left ventricle of hyp ertensive rats treated with fosinopril or losartan
  2002,115(9):1287-1291 [Abstract(6520)]  [View PDF 179.71 K (3677)]
Differences between hepatic and biliary lipid metabolism and secretion in gene tically gallstone- susceptible and gallstone- resistant mice
  2002,115(9):1292-1295 [Abstract(7370)]  [View PDF 141.44 K (3409)]
Serum- free culture of dendritic cells from patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in vitro and estimation of their cytotoxicity
  2002,115(9):1296-1300 [Abstract(9210)]  [View PDF 207.36 K (3660)]
Glomerular chemokine expression and the effect of steroid and cyclophosphamide pulse therapy in human crescentic glomerulonephritis
  2002,115(9):1301-1307 [Abstract(4976)]  [View PDF 298.71 K (3041)]
Association of GYS1 and β3-AR gene with postprandial hyperglycemia and ser um uric acid in type 2 diabetes mellitus
  2002,115(9):1308-1311 [Abstract(7408)]  [View PDF 160.37 K (3463)]
A clinical study of eosinophilic meningoencephalitis caused by angios trongyliasis
  2002,115(9):1312-1315 [Abstract(6027)]  [View PDF 130.90 K (3722)]
Protective effects of Ginkgo biloba extract on rats during cerebral ischemia/rep erfusion
  2002,115(9):1316-1320 [Abstract(7708)]  [View PDF 214.71 K (4374)]
Contrast study on cognitive function with MRI and positron emission tomography imaging in transient global amnesia
  2002,115(9):1321-1323 [Abstract(7157)]  [View PDF 126.06 K (3918)]
Characterization and E protein expression of mutant strains during persistent infection of KN73 cells with Japanese encephalitis virus
  2002,115(9):1324-1327 [Abstract(5885)]  [View PDF 162.36 K (3126)]
Fractionated- clamping for thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair: a modified Crawford technique
  2002,115(9):1328-1331 [Abstract(8162)]  [View PDF 145.62 K (4847)]
High-intensity focused ultrasound in patients with late-stage pancreatic carcinoma
  2002,115(9):1332-1335 [Abstract(8738)]  [View PDF 138.69 K (5107)]
Effect of surgical castration on risk factors for arteriosclerosis of patients with prostate cancer
  2002,115(9):1336-1340 [Abstract(6760)]  [View PDF 160.04 K (3592)]
Multicentricity and its associated factors in renal cell carcinoma
  2002,115(9):1341-1344 [Abstract(7520)]  [View PDF 133.61 K (3443)]
Implementation of percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy on neurosurgical coma patients
  2002,115(9):1345-1347 [Abstract(5746)]  [View PDF 105.67 K (3438)]
Decline in the expression of IL-2 after trauma and changes in the nuclear tra nscription factors NFAT and AP-1
  2002,115(9):1348-1351 [Abstract(6530)]  [View PDF 161.24 K (3212)]
Recombinant human heparin- binding neurite- promoting factor express ed with yeast stimulates neurites outgrowth .
  2002,115(9):1352-1357 [Abstract(7229)]  [View PDF 230.15 K (3940)]
Diagnostic significance of ultrasonography and CT for large upper abdominal mass
  2002,115(9):1358-1362 [Abstract(7929)]  [View PDF 233.80 K (5173)]
Role of exocrine cells in pancreatic enhancement using Mn-DPDP-enhanced MR imaging
  2002,115(9):1363-1366 [Abstract(6281)]  [View PDF 162.98 K (3120)]
Significance of changes in local immunity in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma after percutaneous microwave coagulation therapy
  2002,115(9):1364-1371 [Abstract(6590)]  [View PDF]
Prediction of pulmonary arterial wedge pressure from arterial pressure or puls e oximetry plethysmographic waveform
  2002,115(9):1372-1375 [Abstract(7004)]  [View PDF 157.39 K (4031)]
Clinical manifestations of low bone mass in amenorrhea patients with elevated follicular stimulating hormone
  2002,115(9):1376-1379 [Abstract(5548)]  [View PDF 143.81 K (3137)]
Mechanism of peripheral blood mononuclear cell invasion by HBV on artificial immunization in newborns
  2002,115(9):1380 [Abstract(6718)]  [View PDF 115.60 K (3534)]
Effect of glucocorticoid treatment on insulin like growth factor-Ⅰ and its binding proteins in children with nephrotic syndrome
  2002,115(9):1383-1385 [Abstract(4566)]  [View PDF 110.69 K (2462)]
Cochlear mitochondrial DNA3867bp deletion in aged mice
  2002,115(9):1390-1393 [Abstract(5951)]  [View PDF 157.40 K (3099)]
Protection of retinal ganglion cells against glaucomatous neuropathy by neurot rophin- producing, genetically modified neural progenitor cells in a rat model
  2002,115(9):1394-1400 [Abstract(7044)]  [View PDF 243.71 K (4106)]
Expression of βig- h3 in keratoconus and normal cornea
  2002,115(9):1401-1404 [Abstract(5845)]  [View PDF 162.86 K (3015)]
Telomerase activity analysis of esophageal carcinoma using microdissection-TR AP assay
  2002,115(9):1405-1408 [Abstract(6866)]  [View PDF 166.11 K (3190)]
Clinical course and cause of death in elderly patients with idiopathic Parkins on’s disease
  2002,115(9):1409-1411 [Abstract(8329)]  [View PDF 94.99 K (5448)]

Brief Report

Clinical pathological analysis and immunohistochemical study of ten solitary fibrous tumors
  2002,115(9):1412-1414 [Abstract(5576)]  [View PDF 96.67 K (3317)]
Identification of Streptococcus species and Haemophilus influenzae by direct sequencing of PCR products from 16S-23SrDNA intergenic spacer regions
  2002,115(9):1415-1417 [Abstract(6862)]  [View PDF 113.03 K (3724)]

Case Report

Intramedullary spinal cord germinoma: a case report
  2002,115(9):1418-1419 [Abstract(5418)]  [View PDF 81.61 K (3016)]
Strangulated obturator hernia: report of 2 cases
  2002,115(9):1420-1421 [Abstract(7714)]  [View PDF 58.41 K (4640)]