Volume 115,Issue 3,2002 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Effect of necrotic tissue on progressive injury in deep partial thickness burn wounds
  2002,115(3):323-325 [Abstract(6860)]  [View PDF 108.89 K (3334)]
Expression of positive and negative regulators of cell cycle during wound healing
  2002,115(3):326-330 [Abstract(6980)]  [View PDF 197.70 K (3638)]
Healing of chronic cutaneous wounds by topical treatment with basic fibroblast growth factor
  2002,115(3):331-335 [Abstract(8627)]  [View PDF 198.35 K (4342)]
Mechanism of thoracolumbar burst fractures: a biomechanical study
  2002,115(3):336-338 [Abstract(6035)]  [View PDF 102.64 K (3901)]
Nestin expression and proliferation of ependymal cells in adult rat spinal cord after injury
  2002,115(3):339-341 [Abstract(5741)]  [View PDF 137.13 K (3721)]
Management of cerebral ischemia due to Takayasu’s arteritis
  2002,115(3):342-346 [Abstract(6648)]  [View PDF 198.04 K (3746)]
Comparison of three doses of enalapril in preventing left ventricular remodeli ng after acute myocardial infarction in the rat
  2002,115(3):347-351 [Abstract(4926)]  [View PDF 184.06 K (3065)]
Dynamic changes in type Ⅰ collagen, MMP- 1 and TIMP- 1 after angioplasty
  2002,115(3):352-354 [Abstract(4556)]  [View PDF 116.36 K (2631)]
Stent supported coronary angioplasty in patients with severe ventricular dysf unction
  2002,115(3):355-358 [Abstract(5547)]  [View PDF 132.96 K (3070)]
Pump models assessed by transesophageal echocardiography during cardiopulmonar y resuscitation
  2002,115(3):359-363 [Abstract(7211)]  [View PDF 174.54 K (3833)]
Influence of Valsartan on myocardial apoptosis in spontaneously hypertensive rats
  2002,115(3):364-366 [Abstract(5548)]  [View PDF 103.57 K (2956)]
Association of the phosphatidylinositol signal pathway with prolonged myocardial ischemia
  2002,115(3):367-370 [Abstract(4877)]  [View PDF 140.95 K (2522)]
Cholesteryl ester transfer protein levels and gene deficiency in Chinese patie nts with cardio-cerebrovascular diseases
  2002,115(3):371-374 [Abstract(5240)]  [View PDF 145.53 K (2922)]
Ventricular remodeling by Scutellarein treatment in spontaneously hypertensive rats
  2002,115(3):375-377 [Abstract(5750)]  [View PDF 166.39 K (2784)]
Effect of resveratrol on platelet aggregation in vivo and in vitro
  2002,115(3):378-380 [Abstract(9200)]  [View PDF 105.46 K (6312)]
Helicobacter pylori antigen and its IgG, IgA - type specific immunocomplexes in sera from patients with Helicobacter pylori infection
  2002,115(3):381-383 [Abstract(5108)]  [View PDF 119.27 K (2975)]
Role of the area postrema of medulla oblongata in the regulation of canine int erdigestive migrating motor complex
  2002,115(3):384-388 [Abstract(5919)]  [View PDF 189.26 K (3809)]
Urinary type Ⅳ collagen: a specific indicator of incipient diabetic nephropathy
  2002,115(3):389-394 [Abstract(7685)]  [View PDF 234.63 K (3817)]
Deep cerebral venous thrombosis in adults
  2002,115(3):395-397 [Abstract(7495)]  [View PDF 95.97 K (4762)]
Clinical analysis of 78 cases of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria diagnosed in the past ten years
  2002,115(3):398-401 [Abstract(7118)]  [View PDF 130.88 K (3923)]
Treatment of osteoporosis in men using dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate
  2002,115(3):402-404 [Abstract(6374)]  [View PDF 116.63 K (3359)]
Early and late outcomes in patients with severe extracranial internal carotid stenosis undergoing carotid endarterectomy
  2002,115(3):405-408 [Abstract(6248)]  [View PDF 120.34 K (3008)]
Adenovirus-mediated TGF- β1 gene transfer to human degenerative lumbar int ervertebral disc cells
  2002,115(3):409-412 [Abstract(5930)]  [View PDF 149.33 K (3134)]
Quantitative evaluation of the anal sphincter by the tendency presented in the manometric asymmetry variations
  2002,115(3):413-417 [Abstract(6001)]  [View PDF 173.56 K (2654)]
Overexpression of type Ⅰ growth factor receptors in pterygium
  2002,115(3):418-421 [Abstract(6746)]  [View PDF 173.56 K (3213)]
T helper cells in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection
  2002,115(3):422-424 [Abstract(8935)]  [View PDF 118.35 K (4074)]
Effects of antisense glutamic aciddecarboxylase oligodeoxynucl eotide on epileptic rats induced by pentylenetetrazol
  2002,115(3):425-429 [Abstract(6194)]  [View PDF 223.72 K (3000)]
Genetic instability in cancer tissues analyzed by random amplified polymorphic DNA PCR
  2002,115(3):430-432 [Abstract(6044)]  [View PDF 126.83 K (3378)]
Effect of NF-κB on the induction of PDGF-B transcription by angiotensin Ⅱ in the ECV304 cell line
  2002,115(3):433-438 [Abstract(5671)]  [View PDF 300.58 K (2659)]
Multichannel piezoelectric genesensor for the detection of human papilloma virus
  2002,115(3):439-442 [Abstract(6182)]  [View PDF 141.59 K (3385)]
Anti-endotoxic shock effects of cyproheptadine in rats
  2002,115(3):443-445 [Abstract(5351)]  [View PDF 134.13 K (2958)]

Review Article

Review of current progress in the structure and function of Smad proteins
  2002,115(3):446-450 [Abstract(8395)]  [View PDF 165.25 K (4731)]

Brief Report

Epidermal growth factor concentrations in human milk, cow’s milk and cow ’s milk-based infant formulas
  2002,115(3):451-454 [Abstract(6535)]  [View PDF 128.41 K (3922)]
Development of a rat C6 brain tumor model
  2002,115(3):455-457 [Abstract(8329)]  [View PDF 138.30 K (4618)]

Case Report

Brugada syndrome masquerading as acute myocardial infarction in a patient presenting with ventricular fibrillation
  2002,115(3):458-460 [Abstract(5733)]  [View PDF 91.49 K (2752)]
Amplatzer PDA occluder used in adult patent ductus arteriosus with seri ous pulmonary hypertension after testing balloon occlusion
  2002,115(3):461-462 [Abstract(5944)]  [View PDF 61.93 K (3309)]