Volume 115,Issue 2,2002 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Original articlesPrimary intracoronary stenting in comparison with intravenous rt-PA thrombolysis plus rescue intracoronary intervention in patients with acute myocardial infarction
  2002,115(2):163-165 [Abstract(5277)]  [View PDF 105.60 K (2793)]
Cutting balloon angioplasty for treatment of coronary in-stent restenosis: immediate results and 6-month outcomes
  2002,115(2):166-169 [Abstract(5997)]  [View PDF 134.61 K (3549)]
Immunization with β1-adrenoreceptor peptide induces cardiomyopathy-like changes in rabbit hearts
  2002,115(2):170-174 [Abstract(6321)]  [View PDF 192.03 K (2829)]
CD59 prevents human complement-mediated injuries in isolated guinea pig hearts
  2002,115(2):175-178 [Abstract(4840)]  [View PDF 159.11 K (2707)]
Proportional assist ventilation: methodology and therapeutics on COPD patients compared with pressure support ventilation
  2002,115(2):179-183 [Abstract(8680)]  [View PDF 152.91 K (4818)]
Assessment of polymerase chain reaction and serology for detection of chlamydia pneumoniae in patients with acute respiratory tract infection
  2002,115(2):184-187 [Abstract(4881)]  [View PDF 130.18 K (2940)]
Distribution of ventilation and hemodynamic effects of different ventilatory patterns
  2002,115(2):188-191 [Abstract(6149)]  [View PDF 127.42 K (3981)]
Genetic variation of mannose-binding protein associated with glomerular immune deposition in IgA nephropathy
  2002,115(2):192-196 [Abstract(5798)]  [View PDF 161.05 K (2951)]
The effect of L-arginine on the progression of chronic renal scarring in remnant kidney
  2002,115(2):197-201 [Abstract(5890)]  [View PDF 202.34 K (3046)]
Recombinant human Flt3 ligand exerts both direct and indirect effects on hematopoiesis
  2002,115(2):202-205 [Abstract(6405)]  [View PDF 154.90 K (3083)]
Phenotypic analysis of affected peripheral erythroid for CD59 in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
  2002,115(2):206-208 [Abstract(5011)]  [View PDF 110.63 K (2646)]
Polymorphisms and functions of the aldose reductase gene 5’ regulatory region in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
  2002,115(2):209-213 [Abstract(6593)]  [View PDF 184.08 K (3560)]
β-fibrinogen gene -455A/Gpolymorphism and plasma fibrinogen level in Chinese stroke patients
  2002,115(2):214-216 [Abstract(7306)]  [View PDF 134.14 K (3794)]
Screening for tetrahydrobiopterin deficiency among hyperphenylalaninemia patients in Southern China
  2002,115(2):217-221 [Abstract(7744)]  [View PDF 161.03 K (3985)]
Human breast carcinoma xenografts in nude mice
  2002,115(2):222-226 [Abstract(10043)]  [View PDF 209.73 K (4979)]
In situ transduction of cytosine deaminase gene followed by systemic use of 5-fluorocytosine inhibits tumor growth and metastasis in orthotopic prostate cancer mouse models
  2002,115(2):227-231 [Abstract(5739)]  [View PDF 160.73 K (2814)]
Predictors of atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass graft surgery
  2002,115(2):232-234 [Abstract(6700)]  [View PDF 114.98 K (3627)]
Long-term prognostic analysis of thymectomized patients with myasthenia gravis
  2002,115(2):235-237 [Abstract(7028)]  [View PDF 108.23 K (3815)]
Establishment of multidrug-resistance cell line C6/adr and reversal of drug-resistance
  2002,115(2):238-241 [Abstract(6830)]  [View PDF 160.59 K (3659)]
Complication of cesarean section: pregnancy on the cicatrix of a previous cesarean section
  2002,115(2):242-246 [Abstract(8291)]  [View PDF 191.79 K (4796)]
Correlation of MR imaging and histopathology after partial resection of normal rabbit brain
  2002,115(2):247-253 [Abstract(5471)]  [View PDF 251.85 K (3082)]
Bone status assessment in Japanese subjects using speed of sound along the tibia
  2002,115(2):254-257 [Abstract(4814)]  [View PDF 136.54 K (2986)]
Deletions are easy detectable in cochlear mitochondrial DNA of Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase gene knockout mice
  2002,115(2):258-263 [Abstract(6430)]  [View PDF 236.73 K (3517)]
Possible function of outward potassium currents in isolated Deiters’cells of guinea pig cochlea
  2002,115(2):264-267 [Abstract(4417)]  [View PDF 152.28 K (2628)]
Expression and effect of basic fibroblast growth factor on human cataract lens epithelial cells
  2002,115(2):268-271 [Abstract(5830)]  [View PDF 160.54 K (2855)]
Natural foci of tsutsugamushi disease in the Nan Peng Lie Islands in China
  2002,115(2):272-275 [Abstract(4501)]  [View PDF 156.60 K (2665)]
Cholecystokinin octapeptide inhibits the in vitro expression of CD14 in rat pulmonary interstitial macrophages induced by lipopolysaccharide
  2002,115(2):276-279 [Abstract(5895)]  [View PDF 165.01 K (3014)]
Arsenic trioxide (As2O3) induced apoptosis and its mechanisms in a human esophageal squamous carcinoma cell line
  2002,115(2):280-285 [Abstract(4909)]  [View PDF 222.89 K (2785)]
Lipopolysaccharide upregulates the expression of Toll-like receptor 4 in human vascular endothelial cells
  2002,115(2):286-289 [Abstract(6565)]  [View PDF 222.89 K (3787)]

Brief Report

Expression of telomerase activity, telomerase RNA component and telomerase catalytic subunit gene in lung cancer
  2002,115(2):290-292 [Abstract(6052)]  [View PDF 106.47 K (2968)]
Effects of shenmai injection on expression of TNF- α mRNA in peritoneal macrophages of scald mice
  2002,115(2):293-295 [Abstract(5979)]  [View PDF 116.51 K (2642)]
Studies on the DNA content of breast carcinoma cells with neuroendocrine differentiation
  2002,115(2):296-298 [Abstract(5861)]  [View PDF 107.72 K (2912)]

Case Report

A new method for internal cardioversion in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation
  2002,115(2):299-301 [Abstract(6523)]  [View PDF 83.71 K (3185)]