Volume 115,Issue 11,2002 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Evaluation of 99mTc- MIBI myocardial perfusion imaging with intravenous infusion of adenosine triphosphate in diagnosis of coronary artery disease
  2002,115(11):1603-1607 [Abstract(7501)]  [View PDF 248.92 K (3971)]
Effect of arsenic trioxide on inhibition of restenosis after rabbit vascular injury and its mechanism
  2002,115(11):1608-1614 [Abstract(6432)]  [View PDF 381.98 K (2895)]
Expression of endoplasmic reticulum molecular chaperon GRP94 in human lung cancer tissues and its clinical significance
  2002,115(11):1615-1619 [Abstract(6274)]  [View PDF 288.30 K (3725)]
Inhibiting effects of low- molecular weight heparin and adrenocortical hormone on hemolysis of red cells in patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria in vitro
  2002,115(11):1620-1623 [Abstract(6344)]  [View PDF 215.65 K (3454)]
Cloning and polymorphism analysis of IL-4 proximal promoter in asthmatic children
  2002,115(11):1624-1627 [Abstract(5840)]  [View PDF 217.65 K (3115)]
DNA analysis in a suspected individual with myotonic dystrophy family history and her abortus
  2002,115(11):1628-1631 [Abstract(5593)]  [View PDF 193.41 K (3216)]
Detecting K- ras and p53 gene mutation from stool and pancreatic juice for diagnosis of early pancreatic cancer
  2002,115(11):1632-1636 [Abstract(8206)]  [View PDF 253.86 K (4125)]
Dynamic changes in the collagen metabolism of liver fibrosis at the transcript ion level in rabbits with Schistosomiasis japonica
  2002,115(11):1637-1640 [Abstract(7157)]  [View PDF 209.23 K (3757)]
Expression of carbonic anhydrase Ⅳ in rabbit corneal endothelial cells
  2002,115(11):1641-1644 [Abstract(5633)]  [View PDF 229.72 K (2791)]
Experimental study on mechanism and rarity of metastases in skeletal muscle
  2002,115(11):1645-1649 [Abstract(6662)]  [View PDF 256.18 K (3553)]
Telomerase activity in urine in diagnosis and recurrence surveillance of urothelial carcinoma
  2002,115(11):1650-1652 [Abstract(6687)]  [View PDF 138.79 K (3201)]
Urodynamic study of enhanced continent mechanism using tapered ileum as continent urinary reservoir
  2002,115(11):1653-1656 [Abstract(4725)]  [View PDF 180.97 K (2797)]
Biomechanical study of human dura and its substitutes
  2002,115(11):1657-1659 [Abstract(4776)]  [View PDF 163.39 K (3147)]
Psychological consequences derived during process of human hand allograft
  2002,115(11):1660-1663 [Abstract(5902)]  [View PDF 184.60 K (3333)]
Anti-tumor effect of human endostatin mediated by retroviral gene transfer in nude mice
  2002,115(11):1664-1669 [Abstract(6099)]  [View PDF 300.58 K (3141)]
Infrared thermography display of cortical temperature in cats
  2002,115(11):1670-1674 [Abstract(7014)]  [View PDF 289.65 K (3775)]
Sensory evoked potentials in patients with affective disorders accompanying suicidal behavior
  2002,115(11):1675-1678 [Abstract(5454)]  [View PDF 208.20 K (3462)]
Vascular and biliary complications after liver transplantation: interventional treatment
  2002,115(11):1679-1682 [Abstract(9057)]  [View PDF 201.32 K (5651)]
Preoperative transarterial embolization of hypervascular vertebral tu mor with permanent particles
  2002,115(11):1683-1686 [Abstract(4964)]  [View PDF 171.55 K (3215)]
Cerebral angiography and MR perfusion images in patients with ischemic cerebral vascular disease
  2002,115(11):1687-1691 [Abstract(5277)]  [View PDF 247.65 K (3414)]
Selection of neuromuscular blocking agents in patients undergo ing renal transplantation under general anesthesia
  2002,115(11):1692-1696 [Abstract(6220)]  [View PDF 238.56 K (4348)]
pcDNAL1 genetic immunization can induce specific cell-mediated immune respon ses in C57BL/6 mice
  2002,115(11):1697-1700 [Abstract(6062)]  [View PDF 221.98 K (3114)]
A novel erythroid differentiation related gene EDRF1 upregulating globin gene expression in HEL cells
  2002,115(11):1701-1705 [Abstract(5414)]  [View PDF 257.56 K (2988)]

Review Article

Primary angle closure glaucoma in Chinese and Western populations
  2002,115(11):1706-1715 [Abstract(15189)]  [View PDF]

Short Communication

Hospital management in China in a time of change
  2002,115(11):1716-1726 [Abstract(8886)]  [View PDF 418.22 K (5368)]

Brief Report

Consecutive allergen challenges resulted in decreased bronchial responsiveness
  2002,115(11):1727-1729 [Abstract(5313)]  [View PDF 418.22 K (2645)]
Sequential-release of anticancer drugs microcapsulated with ethylcellulose
  2002,115(11):1730-1732 [Abstract(5762)]  [View PDF 151.33 K (2987)]
Familial Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome is linked to the locion chromosome 7q3
  2002,115(11):1733-1735 [Abstract(7220)]  [View PDF 147.81 K (4047)]
The role of nuclear matrix protein 22 combined with bladder tumor antigen stat test in surveillance of recurring bladder cancer
  2002,115(11):1736-1738 [Abstract(7780)]  [View PDF 148.64 K (3891)]
Clinical application and effective assessment of cerinate porcelain laminate veneers
  2002,115(11):1739-1740 [Abstract(7385)]  [View PDF 105.60 K (5166)]

Case Report

Deceleration injury of concomitant coronary artery and thoracic aorta: a case report
  2002,115(11):1741-1742 [Abstract(4992)]  [View PDF 105.52 K (3027)]
Successful resection of osteosarcoma pulmonary metastasis extending into lef t side of heart under cardiopulmonary bypass: a case report
  2002,115(11):1743-1744 [Abstract(7515)]  [View PDF 91.12 K (4150)]