Volume 115,Issue 10,2002 Table of Contents

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Basic or clinical research of several parasitoses in China
  2002,115(10):1443-1444 [Abstract(3971)]  [View PDF 44.98 K (2062)]

Review Article

A collective analysis on 54 cases of human myiasis in China from 1995-2001
  2002,115(10):1445-1447 [Abstract(8330)]  [View PDF 94.56 K (6446)]

Original Article

Protective effect of DNA- mediated immunization with a combination of SAG1 and IL- 2 gene adjuvant against infection of Toxoplasma gondii in mice
  2002,115(10):1448-1452 [Abstract(6827)]  [View PDF 190.99 K (3386)]
Establishment of a C57BL/6N mouse model of giardiasis
  2002,115(10):1453-1456 [Abstract(5755)]  [View PDF 248.57 K (2787)]
Difference in DNA sequences in SSU rDNA variable regions among pathogens isolated from different epidemic foci of visceral leishmaniasis in China
  2002,115(10):1457-1459 [Abstract(6194)]  [View PDF 134.79 K (3091)]
Non-invasive immunodiagnosis of Schistosomiasis japonica: the detection of specific antibodies in saliva
  2002,115(10):1460-1464 [Abstract(6388)]  [View PDF 176.50 K (3186)]
Cloning of cDNA encoding Schistosoma japonicum tropomyosin and its expression in Escherichia coli
  2002,115(10):1465-1469 [Abstract(7063)]  [View PDF 225.02 K (3605)]
Inhibition of allergic responsiveness in a murine asthma model via IFN-γ transgene expression
  2002,115(10):1470-1474 [Abstract(6410)]  [View PDF 201.59 K (3494)]
Telomerase activity in myelodysplastic syndrome
  2002,115(10):1475-1478 [Abstract(6933)]  [View PDF 130.69 K (2872)]
Epidemiological and antibiotic resistant study on extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae in Zhejiang Province
  2002,115(10):1479-1482 [Abstract(7472)]  [View PDF 147.42 K (4235)]
Immunogenicity and safety of a new inactivated hepatitis A vaccine in young adults: a comparative study
  2002,115(10):1483-1485 [Abstract(6875)]  [View PDF 112.27 K (3981)]
Inhibitive effects of glucose and free fatty acids on proliferation of human vascular endothelial cells in vitro
  2002,115(10):1486-1490 [Abstract(5790)]  [View PDF 215.42 K (3254)]
α-Synuclein immunoreactivity and ultrastructural study of glial cytoplasmic inclusions in multiple system atrophy
  2002,115(10):1491-1495 [Abstract(6737)]  [View PDF 248.85 K (3655)]
Retrospective analysis of 67 consecutive cases of pure ovarian immature teratoma
  2002,115(10):1496-1500 [Abstract(8628)]  [View PDF 168.09 K (4992)]
Effects of anti- HPV16E6- ribozyme on phenotype and gene expression of a cervical cancer cell line
  2002,115(10):1501-1506 [Abstract(6322)]  [View PDF 211.65 K (2902)]
Diagnostic value of human cytomegalovirus late mRNA detection in active intrauterine infection
  2002,115(10):1507-1509 [Abstract(6339)]  [View PDF 116.70 K (2764)]
Effect of delivery mode on maternal- infant transmission of hepatitis B virus by immunoprophylaxis
  2002,115(10):1510-1512 [Abstract(9542)]  [View PDF 108.04 K (5887)]
Oral immunization of mice with attenuated Salmonella typhimurium expressing Helicobacter pylori urease B subunit
  2002,115(10):1513-1516 [Abstract(7880)]  [View PDF 165.15 K (4205)]
Generation and analysis of 113 adult stage Schistosoma japonic um (Chinese strain) expressed sequence tags
  2002,115(10):1517-1520 [Abstract(6438)]  [View PDF 137.25 K (3073)]
Affects of different access routes on autologous satellite cell implantation stimulating myocardial regeneration
  2002,115(10):1521-1524 [Abstract(6067)]  [View PDF 167.62 K (3138)]
Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor and related phosphorylation proteins in hypertrophic scars and normal skin
  2002,115(10):1525-1528 [Abstract(6324)]  [View PDF 193.96 K (3468)]
Loss of heterozygosity of chromosome 20 in sporadic colorectal cancer
  2002,115(10):1529-1532 [Abstract(6580)]  [View PDF 139.83 K (3087)]
Experiences relating to management of biliary tract complications following liver transplantation in 96 cases
  2002,115(10):1533-1537 [Abstract(7908)]  [View PDF 144.37 K (4435)]
Multivariate analysis by Cox Proportional Hazards Model on prognoses of patients with bile duct carcinoma after resection
  2002,115(10):1538-1541 [Abstract(10408)]  [View PDF 129.52 K (5592)]
The effects of local anesthetics on intracellular Ca2+ release from ryanodine-sensitive Ca2+ stores in gerbil hippocampal neurons
  2002,115(10):1542-1544 [Abstract(6880)]  [View PDF 129.52 K (2861)]
Lung function imaging under quantitative spirometrically controlled CT
  2002,115(10):1545-1547 [Abstract(5634)]  [View PDF 148.24 K (3205)]
Combined modality therapy following bladder conservation surgery for bladder cancers
  2002,115(10):1548-1551 [Abstract(5794)]  [View PDF 129.39 K (3019)]
A preliminary clinical application of sICAM-1 RIA in three kinds of thyroid d isease
  2002,115(10):1552-1555 [Abstract(5781)]  [View PDF 153.06 K (2705)]
Clinical application and histological observation of pedicled buccal fat pad grafting
  2002,115(10):1556-1559 [Abstract(6709)]  [View PDF 153.94 K (4083)]
Comparison of pre-and post-operational multifocal electroretinograms of retinal detachment
  2002,115(10):1560-1563 [Abstract(5044)]  [View PDF 193.42 K (3054)]
Expression of CD44V6 and PCNA in squamous cell carcinomas
  2002,115(10):1564-1568 [Abstract(4282)]  [View PDF 224.71 K (2510)]
Acyclovir for the treatment and prevention of recurrent infectious herpes simplex keratitis
  2002,115(10):1569-1572 [Abstract(9504)]  [View PDF 126.17 K (6755)]
Study of isolation of fluoroquinolone-resistant Ureaplasma urealyticum and identification of mutant sites
  2002,115(10):1573-1575 [Abstract(6859)]  [View PDF 115.26 K (3805)]

Brief Report

Experimental study on a novel compound extracted from Traditional Chinese Medicine for treatment of alveolar echinococcosis
  2002,115(10):1576-1578 [Abstract(6657)]  [View PDF 97.29 K (3240)]
The cross-reactivity of I-Ag7 and I-A d tetramers
  2002,115(10):1579-1581 [Abstract(5693)]  [View PDF 123.44 K (2913)]