Volume 114,Issue 9,2001 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Urinary excretion of aquaporin-2 water channel protein in chronic heart failure rats
  2001,114(9):899-901 [Abstract(6934)]  [View PDF 133.03 K (3010)]
Histochemical study of transmyocardial laser channels in dogs
  2001,114(9):902-905 [Abstract(5840)]  [View PDF 156.70 K (3080)]
Heart rate variability and its response to thyroxine replacement therapy in patients with hypothyroidism
  2001,114(9):906-908 [Abstract(8035)]  [View PDF 106.39 K (4143)]
Activation of NF-κB in bronchial epithelial cells from children with asthma
  2001,114(9):909-911 [Abstract(5296)]  [View PDF 127.99 K (2694)]
Effects of extrinsic positive end-expiratory pressure on cardiopulmonary function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2001,114(9):912-915 [Abstract(7225)]  [View PDF 145.83 K (3921)]
Differentiation of NIH3T3 fibroblasts into adipocytes induced by peroxisome proliferator activated receptor γ2 expression
  2001,114(9):916-920 [Abstract(6868)]  [View PDF 248.85 K (4441)]
Th1/Th2 type cytokines in hepatitis B patients treated with interferon-α
  2001,114(9):921-924 [Abstract(7550)]  [View PDF 171.61 K (3598)]
Expression characteristics of c-fos, c-myc and bFGF in early burn tissue
  2001,114(9):925-928 [Abstract(6167)]  [View PDF 167.85 K (2946)]
Reversing drug resistance in the ovarian carcinoma cell line SKOV3/mdr1 in vitro by antisense oligodeoxynucleotides
  2001,114(9):929-932 [Abstract(8586)]  [View PDF 166.49 K (4758)]
Alleviation of hypoxic pulmonary vascular structural remodeling by L-arginine
  2001,114(9):933-936 [Abstract(6227)]  [View PDF 143.92 K (2809)]
Computerized tomography pleurography: a new method for detecting minor pleural lesion
  2001,114(9):937-940 [Abstract(8315)]  [View PDF 170.67 K (4267)]
Treatment of hepatic failure with artificial liver support system
  2001,114(9):941-945 [Abstract(6332)]  [View PDF 169.03 K (3637)]
Isolation and cultivation of porcine hepatocytes for extracorporeal artificial liver support system
  2001,114(9):946-949 [Abstract(8532)]  [View PDF 148.73 K (5176)]
Biological features of mesenchymal stem cells from human bone marrow
  2001,114(9):950-953 [Abstract(11164)]  [View PDF 152.46 K (6830)]
Association and contribution of ERK to IL-6-induced activation of signal transducer and activator of transcription in a human myeloma cell line
  2001,114(9):954-957 [Abstract(5214)]  [View PDF 166.44 K (3076)]
Growth inhibition of gastric cancer cells by all-trans retinoic acid through arresting cell cycle progression
  2001,114(9):958-961 [Abstract(7829)]  [View PDF 176.96 K (3805)]
Monoclonal anti-idiotype antibody bearing the internal image of nasopharyngeal carcinoma associated antigen
  2001,114(9):962-966 [Abstract(8874)]  [View PDF 198.14 K (4692)]
Cell cycle analysis by cyclin E+A/DNA multiparameter flow cytometry in exponen tial growth MOLT-4 cells
  2001,114(9):967-971 [Abstract(5809)]  [View PDF 176.56 K (3694)]
Sensitization of prostate cancer cell lines to 5-fluorocytosine induced by adenoviral vector carrying a CD transcription unit
  2001,114(9):972-975 [Abstract(7323)]  [View PDF 150.67 K (3267)]
Molecular basis for the effect of lipid lowering drugs on growth factors after de-endothelialization
  2001,114(9):976-982 [Abstract(5672)]  [View PDF 320.19 K (3031)]

Brief Report

Apolipoprotein E polymorphism in the early onset of coronary heart disease
  2001,114(9):983-985 [Abstract(6504)]  [View PDF 116.70 K (3442)]
A comparison of spur valve and percutaneous enterostomy in Roux-Y portoente rostomy for biliary atresia
  2001,114(9):986-987 [Abstract(4781)]  [View PDF 75.45 K (2797)]
Influence of growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor Ⅰ axis on normal pregnancy
  2001,114(9):988-990 [Abstract(6139)]  [View PDF 121.36 K (2952)]

Case Report

Mucinous adenocarcinoma originating in localized type adenomyomatosis of the gallbladder
  2001,114(9):994-996 [Abstract(8604)]  [View PDF 138.52 K (5538)]