Volume 114,Issue 8,2001 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Human stem cell model to study signal transduction and molecular regulation me chanisms in CML
  2001,114(8):680-684 [Abstract(6931)]  [View PDF]
Diagnosis and surgical treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy
  2001,114(8):787-790 [Abstract(8240)]  [View PDF 176.38 K (3891)]
Effects of extrinsic positive end- expiratory pressure on work of breathing in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2001,114(8):791-794 [Abstract(6267)]  [View PDF 151.37 K (3835)]
Management of hemangiopericytomas in the central nervous system
  2001,114(8):795-798 [Abstract(6954)]  [View PDF 191.27 K (3497)]
Inherited disturbances of phenylalanine metabolic kinetics in essential hypert ension
  2001,114(8):799-802 [Abstract(6010)]  [View PDF 150.23 K (2734)]
Hepatic artery angiography and embolization for hemobilia after hepatobiliary surgery
  2001,114(8):803-806 [Abstract(5789)]  [View PDF 166.71 K (3441)]
Suppression subtractive hybridization for identifying differentially expressed genes in renal cell carcinoma
  2001,114(8):807-812 [Abstract(8248)]  [View PDF 237.26 K (4601)]
Effects of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from idiopathic nephrotic children on cultured rat glomerular epithelial and mesangial cells
  2001,114(8):813-816 [Abstract(5477)]  [View PDF 141.25 K (2760)]
Apolipoprotein E gene polymorphism and its association with human longevity in the Uygur nationality in Xinjiang
  2001,114(8):817-820 [Abstract(6581)]  [View PDF 150.59 K (3462)]
The effect of magnetic stent on coronary restenosis after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in dogs
  2001,114(8):821-823 [Abstract(5839)]  [View PDF 123.89 K (3067)]
Identification and function of glucose transporter 1 in human mesangial cells
  2001,114(8):824-828 [Abstract(7871)]  [View PDF 180.39 K (4450)]
Regulation of osteopontin expression in a rat model of urolithiasis
  2001,114(8):829-832 [Abstract(7474)]  [View PDF 147.05 K (3506)]
The role of hypertension-related gene in aortic vascular smooth muscle cells from mice and rats
  2001,114(8):833-836 [Abstract(6982)]  [View PDF 191.00 K (3643)]
Construction of a recombinant plasmid harbouring the rhoptry protein 1 gene of Toxoplasma gondii and preliminary observations on DNA immunity
  2001,114(8):837-840 [Abstract(6472)]  [View PDF 172.70 K (3284)]
Clinical manifestations of AIDS with cryptococcal meningitis
  2001,114(8):841-843 [Abstract(7243)]  [View PDF 101.14 K (3598)]
Immune responses to the expressed products of the CSP antige n gene of Plasmodium falciparum southern China isolate FCC1/HN in Hela cell
  2001,114(8):844-847 [Abstract(5892)]  [View PDF 142.49 K (2983)]
Regional glucose metabolic increases in left auditory cortex in tinnitus patients: a preliminary study with positron emission tomography
  2001,114(8):848-851 [Abstract(7542)]  [View PDF 154.09 K (3966)]
Expression of oncoproteins c-fos and c-jun in hypertrophic scars and chronic dermal ulcers and their regulation of basic fibroblast growth factor
  2001,114(8):852-856 [Abstract(6281)]  [View PDF 218.01 K (3042)]
Replacement of the p16 gene in human ovarian cancer cells
  2001,114(8):857-859 [Abstract(6915)]  [View PDF 101.99 K (3115)]
Murine antibody against E2 can capture hepatitis C virus in vitro
  2001,114(8):860-863 [Abstract(6199)]  [View PDF 144.67 K (2720)]
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression in renal tissue is associated with monocyte recruitment and tubulo-interstitial lesions in patients with lupus nephritis
  2001,114(8):864-868 [Abstract(6457)]  [View PDF 203.78 K (3382)]
Changes in intestinal microflora in patients with chronic severe hepatitis
  2001,114(8):869-872 [Abstract(6713)]  [View PDF 151.58 K (3664)]
Detection of human herpesvirus 8 DNA in acute leukemia patients
  2001,114(8):873-875 [Abstract(6077)]  [View PDF 122.69 K (3008)]

Brief Report

Confirmation of susceptibility gene loci on chromosome 1 in Northern China Han families with type 2 diabetes
  2001,114(8):876-878 [Abstract(5185)]  [View PDF 114.51 K (2748)]

Short Communication

Laparoscopic resection for a left adrenal black adenoma
  2001,114(8):879-880 [Abstract(6197)]  [View PDF 75.16 K (3078)]

Research Letter

The effect of herbs on cerebral energy metabolism in cerebral ischemia- reperf usion mice
  2001,114(8):881-883 [Abstract(5742)]  [View PDF 103.47 K (2648)]