Volume 114,Issue 7,2001 Table of Contents

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Current research in management of hematological diseases with poor prognosis
  2001,114(7):675 [Abstract(3955)]  [View PDF 27.31 K (2330)]

Original Article

Chimera formation of platelet GPⅡb Bak a/b by intrauterine transplantation of fetal liver stem cells
  2001,114(7):676-679 [Abstract(6075)]  [View PDF 186.46 K (3335)]
Protective effect of human CD40-Ig fusion protein in a murine model of acute graft-versus-host disease
  2001,114(7):685-689 [Abstract(6659)]  [View PDF 212.69 K (3751)]
High level expression of human Factor Ⅷ in mammalian cells after retroviral-mediated gene transfer
  2001,114(7):690-693 [Abstract(5922)]  [View PDF 175.43 K (3359)]
Detection of p53 gene mutations in sputum samples and their implications in th e early diagnosis of lung cancer in suspicious patients
  2001,114(7):694-697 [Abstract(6684)]  [View PDF 156.42 K (3252)]
Relationship between age and effect of early and long-term captopril treatment in patients with acute myocardial infarction
  2001,114(7):698-702 [Abstract(6481)]  [View PDF 188.44 K (3073)]
Lack of correlation of vacA genotype, cagA gene of Helicobacter pylori and their expression products with various gastroduodenal diseases
  2001,114(7):703-706 [Abstract(5951)]  [View PDF 151.33 K (2835)]
Clinical evaluation of physical fitness in male obese Japanese
  2001,114(7):707-710 [Abstract(6246)]  [View PDF 132.22 K (3657)]
Determination of the dominant language hemisphere by functional MRI i n patients with temporal lobe epilepsy
  2001,114(7):711-713 [Abstract(6928)]  [View PDF 116.06 K (3469)]
Cholinergic agonists increase intracellular calcium concentration in guinea pig vestibular hair cells
  2001,114(7):714-717 [Abstract(5837)]  [View PDF 150.90 K (3054)]
LMP1 activates NF- κB via degradation of IκBα in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells
  2001,114(7):718-722 [Abstract(6866)]  [View PDF 237.55 K (3314)]
Direct protective effect of interleukin-10 on articular chondrocytes in vitro
  2001,114(7):723-725 [Abstract(6081)]  [View PDF 104.36 K (3205)]
A novel serine protease SNC19 associated with human colorectal cancer
  2001,114(7):726-730 [Abstract(5793)]  [View PDF 230.64 K (3480)]
In-vitro cultivation of normal human oral keratinocytes
  2001,114(7):731-734 [Abstract(8202)]  [View PDF 160.52 K (4377)]
Liposome-C-erbB2 antisense oligodoxynucleotides in human ovarian cancer cells
  2001,114(7):735-737 [Abstract(5572)]  [View PDF 123.56 K (2887)]
Mechanisms of multiple organ damages in acute necrotizing pancreatitis
  2001,114(7):738-742 [Abstract(7044)]  [View PDF 183.78 K (3764)]
Epidemiological investigation of Histoplasma capsulatum infection in China
  2001,114(7):743-746 [Abstract(5816)]  [View PDF 148.57 K (3236)]
bcl 10 gene mutation in hepatocellular carcinoma
  2001,114(7):747-751 [Abstract(4842)]  [View PDF 221.62 K (2832)]
Surgical treatment of 52 patients with congenital coronary artery fistulas
  2001,114(7):752-755 [Abstract(7208)]  [View PDF 127.55 K (3579)]
Comparison of CT virtual endoscopy with electronic colonoscopy in 30 colonic c arcinoma patients
  2001,114(7):756-759 [Abstract(6043)]  [View PDF 155.33 K (2860)]
Epitope mapping on Wegener’s granulomatosis autoantigen proteinase 3
  2001,114(7):760-763 [Abstract(6015)]  [View PDF 176.15 K (3239)]

Brief Report

Intrathecal injection with methotrexate plus dexamethasone in the treatment of central nervous system involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus
  2001,114(7):764-766 [Abstract(6864)]  [View PDF 105.41 K (4444)]
Pathogen of root surface caries in the elderly
  2001,114(7):767-768 [Abstract(5921)]  [View PDF 78.31 K (3139)]

Health Polity

Policy making and organization in managing tropical diseases in China
  2001,114(7):769-771 [Abstract(4690)]  [View PDF 79.47 K (2791)]

Research Letter

Preliminary study on immunotoxin for the prevention of Schistosomiasis japonica
  2001,114(7):772 [Abstract(4066)]  [View PDF 26.78 K (2177)]