Volume 114,Issue 6,2001 Table of Contents

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Interaction of hypertension and diabetes on impairment of endothelial function
  2001,114(6):563-567 [Abstract(7204)]  [View PDF 167.60 K (4357)]
Percutaneous balloon aortic valvuloplasty in the treatment of congenital valvu lar aortic stenosis in children
  2001,114(6):568-570 [Abstract(6480)]  [View PDF 101.65 K (3359)]
Angiotensin Ⅱ type 1 receptor modulation of L-type calcium currents in guine a-pig ventricular cells
  2001,114(6):577-582 [Abstract(5266)]  [View PDF 220.78 K (2878)]
The expression of AT1 receptor on hepatic stellate cells in rat fibrosis induced by CCl4
  2001,114(6):583-587 [Abstract(7386)]  [View PDF 214.35 K (3550)]
Detailed deletion mapping on chromosome region 9p21 in human periampullary neoplasms
  2001,114(6):588-591 [Abstract(6241)]  [View PDF 134.22 K (3053)]
Effects of acute or prolonged exposure to leptin on hepatic glucose oxi dation
  2001,114(6):592-595 [Abstract(6708)]  [View PDF 150.01 K (3040)]
Serum granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in patients with chronic renal failure
  2001,114(6):596-599 [Abstract(5972)]  [View PDF 140.19 K (2830)]
In vitro study on the morphology of human blood dendritic cells and LPAK cells inducing apoptosis of the hepatoma cell line
  2001,114(6):600-605 [Abstract(6384)]  [View PDF 266.51 K (3168)]
Activity identification of anti-caspase-3 mRNA hammerhead ribozyme in both cell-free condition and BRL-3A cells
  2001,114(6):606-611 [Abstract(5904)]  [View PDF 231.21 K (3262)]
Efficacy of dihydroartemisinin-mefloquine on acute uncomplicated falciparum malaria
  2001,114(6):612-613 [Abstract(6433)]  [View PDF 80.97 K (3205)]
Isolation and specific detection of two major schistosoma gut-associated circulating antigens
  2001,114(6):614-617 [Abstract(6396)]  [View PDF 155.99 K (3157)]
Characterization of urocortin in human pregnancy
  2001,114(6):618-622 [Abstract(5706)]  [View PDF 169.81 K (3129)]
Therapeutic antitumor response to cervical cancer in mice immunized with U14 v accines transfected with costimulatory B7 gene
  2001,114(6):623-627 [Abstract(7810)]  [View PDF 193.39 K (3566)]
Tissue-type plasminogen activator and plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 m RNA and their protein expression levels in human decidua after early pregnancy termination by mifepristone plus misoprostol
  2001,114(6):628-631 [Abstract(6402)]  [View PDF 146.87 K (3283)]
Incidence of deep venous thrombosis after gynaecological laparoscopy
  2001,114(6):632-635 [Abstract(7810)]  [View PDF 130.74 K (4034)]
Placental leptin correlates with intrauterine fetal growth and development
  2001,114(6):636-639 [Abstract(6802)]  [View PDF 150.28 K (3416)]
Apoptosis within mouse eye induced by Toxoplasma gondii
  2001,114(6):640-644 [Abstract(5318)]  [View PDF 200.54 K (3256)]
Magnetic resonance imaging in distinguishing malignant from benign pleural disease
  2001,114(6):645-649 [Abstract(7439)]  [View PDF 166.64 K (4001)]
Gene transfer and expression in rat anastomotic artery in vivo using adenoviral vector
  2001,114(6):650-653 [Abstract(5659)]  [View PDF 197.00 K (2532)]
Nested polymerase chain reaction in detection of Plasmodium vivax sporozoites in mosquitoes
  2001,114(6):654-658 [Abstract(6184)]  [View PDF 170.07 K (4027)]
Efficacy of continuous tracheal gas insufflation in spontaneously breat hing canine with acute lung injury
  2001,114(6):658-660 [Abstract(8514)]  [View PDF 111.50 K (4533)]