Volume 114,Issue 5,2001 Table of Contents

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The present and future of interventional catheterization for congenital heart disease
  2001,114(5):451-452 [Abstract(4224)]  [View PDF 102.13 K (2373)]

Original Article

Transcatheter closure in 354 pediatric cases of patent ductus arteriosus usi ng five different devices
  2001,114(5):456-458 [Abstract(6497)]  [View PDF 148.15 K (3665)]
Percutaneous balloon angioplasty of coarctation of the aorta in children: 12 -year follow-up results
  2001,114(5):459-461 [Abstract(6374)]  [View PDF 159.33 K (3360)]
All-trans retinoic acid in pulmonary vascular structural remodeling in rats with pulmonary hypertension induced by monocrotaline
  2001,114(5):462-465 [Abstract(6707)]  [View PDF 159.33 K (3134)]
Evaluation of coronary artery bypass graft patency using three-dimensional re construction and flow study of electron beam tomography
  2001,114(5):466-472 [Abstract(6422)]  [View PDF 253.91 K (3549)]
Gene expression of glucose transporters and its regulation by glucose in mesothelial cells
  2001,114(5):477-480 [Abstract(6150)]  [View PDF 319.52 K (3271)]
Expression and function of c-kit receptor in bone marrow mononuclear cells of patients with myelodysplastic syndromes
  2001,114(5):481-485 [Abstract(7486)]  [View PDF]
Erythrocyte membrane protein abnormalities in β-thalassemia of the Li nationality in Hainan
  2001,114(5):486-488 [Abstract(5537)]  [View PDF 158.95 K (3182)]
Stable clonal expansion of the T-cell receptor Vβ6, Vβ17 and Vβ19 T cells in a cGVHD case using genescan analysis
  2001,114(5):489-492 [Abstract(6203)]  [View PDF 218.14 K (2804)]
Allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for leukemia
  2001,114(5):493-496 [Abstract(4577)]  [View PDF 210.72 K (2659)]
Retroviral vector containing human p16 gene and its inhibitory effect on Bcap -37 breast cancer cells
  2001,114(5):497-501 [Abstract(7222)]  [View PDF 348.79 K (2961)]
Apoptosis of renal tubular cells in congenital hydronephrosis
  2001,114(5):502-505 [Abstract(6045)]  [View PDF 348.79 K (3091)]
Characteristics, diagnosis and treatment of hepatic metastasis of pure immature ovarian teratoma
  2001,114(5):506-509 [Abstract(6743)]  [View PDF 218.59 K (3862)]
Investigation of infection risk and the value of urine endotoxin during extrac orporeal shock wave lithotripsy
  2001,114(5):510-513 [Abstract(5924)]  [View PDF 217.15 K (3159)]
Gynecological procedures under gasless laparoscopy
  2001,114(5):514-516 [Abstract(7704)]  [View PDF 154.66 K (3818)]
Vascular endothelial growth factor mRNA and its protein expression in decidua after terminating early pregnancy by mifepristone plus misoprostol
  2001,114(5):517-519 [Abstract(7427)]  [View PDF 253.91 K (3044)]
Relationship between c-fos gene expression and delayed neuronal death in rat neonatal hippocampus following hypoxic-ischemic insult
  2001,114(5):520-523 [Abstract(7534)]  [View PDF 95.48 K (3621)]
Optical coherence tomography in measuring retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in normal subjects and patients with open-angle glaucoma
  2001,114(5):524-529 [Abstract(8139)]  [View PDF 253.91 K (4461)]
Molecular cloning and characterization of NAG-7: a novel gene downregulated i n human nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  2001,114(5):530-534 [Abstract(6251)]  [View PDF 158.95 K (2929)]
Increased expression of Hsp70 and co-localization with nuclea r protein in cells infected with the Hantaan virus
  2001,114(5):535-539 [Abstract(6336)]  [View PDF 611.52 K (3146)]

Brief Report

Diagnosis and treatment of bronchial rupture from blunt thoracic trauma
  2001,114(5):540-541 [Abstract(7213)]  [View PDF 105.08 K (3520)]
Cordotomy for bilateral cord abductal paralysis
  2001,114(5):542-543 [Abstract(4696)]  [View PDF 103.14 K (2875)]

Case Report

Primary carcinoid tumor of the epididymis
  2001,114(5):544-545 [Abstract(5738)]  [View PDF 125.59 K (3036)]

Research Letter

Transurethral microwave needle ablation for bladder cancer
  2001,114(5):546-547 [Abstract(6379)]  [View PDF 99.93 K (2903)]


  2001,114(5):548 [Abstract(4047)]  [View PDF 47.49 K (2166)]